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We stock a range of bedding and feed products for horses, as well as yard materials and equipment.

With guidance from all UK major feed producers and local mills we can assist with any advice you may need on horse feed.

Our range of equine products includes:

Woody's stable mix Woody's horse and pony cubes Wellingtons
Baileys Allen and Page Garlic powder
Pillers Blue Chip Flaked Barley
Top Spec Wheatsheaf Rolled Oats
Dodson and Horrell Rowan and Barbary Readigrass
Dengie Molichaff Hay
Cod liver oil Molasses liquid Buckets
Soya oil Salt licks Shovels
Mineral licks Sugar beet Yard scrapers
Limestone flour Bran Plasson water refitting
Wheatfeed Hotline Electric Fencing Gate ironmongery
Garlic granules Yard bushes Barbed wire
No Bute Shaving forks Stockfence
Flaked Maize Blue water pipes Apple Chaff
Mixed flakes Gates  

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